Dr. Suzanne Freeman

Hi everybody. It's me again, Matt Foley, motivational speaker. Yep, I'm still living in the van....down by the river. This week I'm going to induct an educator into the Hall of Shame. Seems like every time I turn around I'm hearing about some uproar in the city school system. Now the teachers are gonna sue the superintendant and board because of a raise dispute. Questions are asked and inadequate answers are given. Public information is promised and then not delivered. Kids are leaving and going elsewhere for an education and on and on and on. Just what is going on up there? Seems like it could be done better than that. Are they giving 100%? I know what happens when you dont give 100%. First you dont give 100% in Jr. High. Then you dont give 100% in high school. Then you dont give 100% in sports. Then you dont give 100% in your marriage. Then you dont give 100% as a parent. Then you lose your family over it. Next thing you know you're living in a VAN!....DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! Hey dad, help me out here....my glasses are kinda fogged up.....is that Wonder Woman over there?.....is she flying and fighting the bad guys and beating them up?.....NO SHE'S NOT! It's Suzanne and she's holding a subpoena that says "YOU'RE BEING SUED". My prediction for her is that she'll be living in a VAN.....DOWN BY THE RIVER! See you next week with another Hall of Shamer. Your friend Matt.

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