Nancy Worley

Alabama Secretary of State

Hi everybody. It's me again, Matt Foley, motivational speaker. Yep, I'm still living in the van....down by the river. This week we're going to induct the Alabama Secretary of State. It seems that she cried we needed to pass the Riley Tax Plan for the kids. When it didn't pass she laid off employees and closed down their warehouse. Then she went and bought an Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Expedition as a state vehicle for her to drive and guess who paid for it. We did! Then she thinks that we stupid enough to believe that she bought it as a "cost cutting measure". That's right, she said she saved us money by buying a very expensive luxury edition Expedition. She says that it will be used to haul cargo from the warehouse. How many people haul cargo on corinthian leather seats? That's right and she wont either. She also said that the difference in cost would not have saved anyone's job. WELCOME TO GOVERNMENT IN MONTGOMERY.....and they wonder why the people voted no. Maybe Nancy has found the answer to my dilema. I should go buy a new 50 ft diesel pusher motor home to replace my van and with her way of thinking I would be saving money. Nancy, you take the cake on this one......and it looks like you've had a lot of cake. Dont like it? Well LA-DE-FRICKING-DA! The bottom line is simple Nancy. You're either stupid or you think we're stupid enough to believe you. I think you're just plain stupid. I know what it's like to be stupid. First you're stupid when you're a kid. Then you're stupid as a teenager. Then you throw the big game and lose it because you're stupid. Then you're stupid in your marriage. Then you're stupid as a parent. Then you lose your wife and kids from being stupid. Next thing you know you're living in a VAN!....DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! Hey dad, help me out glasses are kinda fogged that big motor home over there? Is it some rich woman riding around in luxury because she earned it? Isn't it? NO IT'S NOT! It's Nancy Worly and she's driving around in my Eddie Bauer Expedition! Well KOO-KOO-KA-CHOO!! Hey Nancy, get a brain. My prediction for her is that he'll be eating a steady diet of government cheese and living in a VAN.....DOWN BY THE RIVER! See you next week with another Hall of Shamer. Your friend Matt.

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